Welcome to Kristine White Paralympic Hopeful

Welcome to Kristine White Paralympic Hopeful

Welcome to Kristine White Paralympic HopefulWelcome to Kristine White Paralympic HopefulWelcome to Kristine White Paralympic Hopeful

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Your support and contributions will help Kristine pursue her goal of qualifying and being named to the 2022 Paralympics team in the sport of snowboard! Bronze $50, Silver $100, Gold $250

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About Me... Kristine

USASA nationals 2018

Para-Snowboard What?


When you think about snowboarding, you don't necessarily think of Northwest Indiana. There are no mountains, or ski areas to speak of within 50 miles. However, this doesn’t deter Valparaiso resident and Army Veteran Kristine White. After a military injury, Kristine was told sports and physical activities would be limited. But Kristine chose to challenge what was thought to be impossible. She continues to do what she loves

After utilizing Para-Cycling and Para-Triathlon as a way to get her fitness back, Kristine was looking for something to do in the winter. Enter Challenge Aspen Military Opportunities with a chance to learn to snowboard. Jumping at the chance to try something new, Kristine was introduced to "Para-Snowboard" in December of 2012, by Ryan Latham and the Challenge Aspen Staff at the Women’s Military Retreat. After that week of crashing, falling, and learning. Kristine was hooked, to say the least. While still learning fundamentals, Kristine knew that she wanted to take this as far as possible. While still in 2012 Para-Snowboarding was not yet a Paralympic sport, but there was talk of it being included in the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi Russia.

That winter, she attended two additional winter sports camps for Para-Snowboard; one in Telluride, with Telluride Adaptive Sports, and an additional camp with Disabled Sports USA Far West, in South Lake Tahoe. With the close of her first season, the news that Para-Snowboarding would be included in the 2014 Paralympics was announced. 

2013-2014 Season

December, when she was invited to the High Performance Camp at the Hartford Ski Spectacular. She was one of seventeen Para-Snowboarder’s invited to work at being developed into the best snowboarder possible. While Kristine’s skills were still developing, that week she trained to the best of her ability and had her first competition on a GS course. While she did not place individually, her team placed 4th. The following week she returned to Challenge Aspen to take part in the Women’s retreat, this time as a mentor.

Upon returning home to Indiana, Kristine made for the hills of Southwest Michigan where she could work on being consistent in training and getting time on the snow. 

February 2014, Kristine attended the Paralympic Development Camp at the National Ability Center, where she was able to further her race training with the Paralympic Coaches on staff.

2014-2015 Season

November- Officially became a team member of the National Sports Center for the Disabled Competition Center.

December - Attended the Hartford Ski Spectacular

January – Trained on her own at Swiss Valley and Cannonsburg, Michigan

February- Spent at the National Sports Center for the Disabled Competition Center. Training and Racing in the Wells Fargo World Disabled Invitational placing 2nd in the snowboard division.

So, while Northwest Indiana lacks many of the necessary components for snowboarding, what it doesn’t lack is local companies and people who support Paralympic-Hopefuls like Kristine.

To contact Kristine, you can email her at kristine.white.iaact@gmail.com or Kristine@KristinewhiteSnowboard.com

My Team:

My Parents, Paul and Debbie White. I  have been very fortunate that my parents have supported me financially in every endeavor over the years.

For those of you that are parents, you know what a struggle this can be. I personally want to thank my parents and all parents for supporting their children’s dreams. I have now reached a level of competition that requires me to seek additional support from outside sources. This is not an easy task, but with your help and support, you can be a part of making someone’s DREAMS become a reality! YOU will be a part of my SUCCESS. 

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